There are changes coming for facilities that use Ronstar herbicide. Reports are that the product, often used as weed prevention for Bermuda grass when sprigging a golf course, is about to become scarce due to greater regulation beginning in 2025. This includes how many acres may be treated with Ronstar on any course.

A turfgrass supplier in the southeast reports the Environmental Protection Agency is re-classifying the herbicide. Right now, the chemical is produced in China, usually on a granular fertilizer prill that does not have a shelf life and cannot be stockpiled for extended periods. Only the liquid version may be stored.

A formal announcement is expected later this month, that should include information on changes to availability and pricing.

ASGCA members planting courses will note the impact, as net area controlling weeds during planting will be reduced. For example, a facility with 120 acres of grass to do weed control will be restricted to spraying only 40 acres – three times each year.

Members may want to consider advising clients to buy the product for upcoming grassing projects, to save money, and shelve the product in liquid form to have product on hand.