A recent version of the Green Section Record, published by the United States Golf Association (USGA), featured the work of ASGCA Patron Program Member, Toro Irrigation. The company assisted Paradise Valley Country Club, Arizona, in improving its irrigation system, which resulted in significant savings for the club and made the club a great example of environmental stewardship.

In the article, Rob Collins, superintendent for the course, writes that several years ago, the course exceeded its state water allocation and was facing possible fines. The club sought the professional advice of Toro Irrigation and challenged the company to forgo industry standards and guarantee an elevated level of efficiency for the club.

USGA’s article includes comments from Jim Wright of Toro Irrigation. Wright describes the challenges of testing sprinkler performance in outdoor environments and lists the specific parameters used in testing at Paradise Valley Country Club. He also discusses how distribution uniformity is calculated and shares some of the results of the testing done at the club.

After the club’s first full year with its new irrigation system, it was able to exceed its water use goal and save money in avoiding excess water costs. Through water auditing, modeling, and soil sensing technologies, Toro continues to work with Paradise Valley Country Club to regularly assess the performance of its system and identify areas for improvement.

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