ASGCA Past President Pete Dye responded to questions via Twitter Aug. 6, discussing Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wisconsin, a Dye design and host to the 2015 PGA Championship Aug. 13-16. Following is a transcript of his chat with golf fans.

Q: Was Whistling Straits designed with the thought of hosting a PGA Championship or other major championship?

A: Not specifically, no. I never talked with Mr. Kohler about, “designing a course for a Championship.”

Q: How did you and Herb Kohler meet?

A: I was working in Okla. City @ Oak Tree CC. He flew down & walked around the course. Next thing I knew I was in Sheboygan, walking the land where the original 36 holes are today. Later on, I designed Whistling Straits.

Q: As the course architect, do you have any input on suggested pin placements during the 4-day tournament?

A: The PGA sets everything up, including taking weather into account when deciding on pin placements.

Q: How do you go about designing a course?

A: I never draw up plans. I go out and try to make everything different. The 13th &14th holes should never look the same as my other courses. You try to change it and make it different.

Q: How has the course at Whistling Straits changed since the 2010 @PGAChampionship?

A: It’s no longer or shorter, but like all courses has settled a bit in 5 years. Still 1,000 bunkers but most are out of play.

Q: Are you planning to attend the PGA Championship at Kohler?

A: I will be there Monday-Friday. It’s tough; I’d like to be inconspicuous & walk the course, but everyone knows me.

Q: You and Herb Kohler have a unique working relationship, don’t you?

A: I never listen to him. When we first met, he didn’t play much, just once or twice a year. Now he can play a little bit.

Q: Is there a signature hole at Whistling Straits?

A: Not just 1! 7 & 8 are the strongest holes on the front. And 3 strong finishing holes, Par 5 16th, par 3 17th & 500-yard 18th

Q: “Firm and Fast” greens have been the case at recent golf majors. Will that be true at Whistling Straits?

A: The Stimpmeter always shows fast greens @ a championship. It might be up to 12. If you know that, you try to regulate that to make it work. We made subtle changes to mounds on the greens, but only a few inches here or there.

Q: @DJohnsonPGA (Dustin Johnson) famously found one of those 1,000 bunkers at the 2010 @PGAChampionship. What do you recall about that?

A: The bunkers in the mounds on the course usually don’t come into play. Dustin got into one of those mounds and grounded the club; that cost him the two-shot penalty.

Q: How does Whistling Straits compare today to when you designed it?

A: It gets shorter all the time from what the good players are able to do. Gets shorter all the time. If they shoot, 64, 65 or 67, I’m not going to lose sleep. They’re hitting it 40-50 yards farther off the tee. I could make the course 8,000 yards long & they will still find a way to shoot low scores.

Q: I’m watching the tournament from home. What should I do to enjoy the tournament more?

A: The finishing holes: 16, 17 and 18…that’s where it all changes. Those three will change the outcome of the tournament

Q: Do the comments professional players make after playing the course affect you at all?

A: I don’t listen to them. A guy that plays real good is positive, the guy that plays bad is negative & the next day it changes

Q: Herb Kohler brought sheep from Scotland to walk Whistling Straits. What happens to the sheep during @PGAChampionship?

A: They usually are roaming the course, but I hope they are locked up for the championship.

Q: What is on the drawing board for the Dyes right now?

A: I have 13 jobs going now – both under construction and just completed construction. I’m so far behind and overbooked, I’m not sure what I am doing.

Q: What is the biggest change you have seen in golf during your career?

A: In just the past 15-20 years, golf has totally changed because of the equipment: clubs, shafts and balls. Swing speed is no different, but now a 410-yard hole is a 300-yard tee shot and a wedge to the green. What was a 460-yard hole, now needs to be 530 yards, and is still drive + 5-iron to the green.