“Bury Me in a Pot Bunker,” from Pete Dye, ASGCA Fellow, has been updated and re-released to the public. The book tells the story of more than two dozen Dye-designed courses and includes new insights, design philosophies and humorous “Dye-isms” from the one of the world’s most famous golf course architects.

“By understanding the architect’s mindset while creating the holes, golfers can improve their game playing our courses or any courses using sound strategies instead of just winging it,” Dye said. “If players pay attention, they can out-think me or any designer who’s trying to hoodwink them into attempting the difficult, gambling shot.”

“Bury Me in a Pot Bunker” can be purchased by visiting here.

Recently, “Florida Golf Magaine” spent time with Pete and Alice Dye, ASGCA Fellow, discussing the book and Pete’s design philosophies. The video interview can be seen here.