The positive value a golf course brings to a community at the economic, environmental and social levels – a message spearheaded by the American Society of Golf Architects (ASGCA) and allied golf associations across the United States  – was well-received by an international audience at the recent Golf Industry Show in Orlando, Fla.

ASGCA President Erik Larsen and more than 70 ASGCA members in attendance spoke formally and informally with suppliers, superintendents, course owners, media and others about spreading the message of the great value afforded by the game and the courses it is played on.

“A golf course has value as a beautiful playing field for golf, but has additional value well beyond golf,” Larsen said in a media session attended by journalists from North and South America, Europe and Asia. “Golf courses benefit communities as revenue and tax sources, green space, wildlife and plant sanctuaries and water filtration, among other uses. There is an inherent goodness to the community that comes from the positive environmental, financial and social impact of a golf course.”

GIS attendees visiting with Larsen at a well-attended “Answers of the Hour” session on the tradeshow floor saw a new “Value of the Golf Course Talking Points” booklet created by ASGCA to serve as a starting point for discussions on this subject. Facts and information detail specific benefits afforded to communities hosting and maintaining courses of all sizes.

Booklet facts include:

  • The U.S. golf economy generates $76 billion of goods and services annually and employs two million people.
  • Golf course architects work to ensure park space is preserved, the natural beauty of land enhanced and the desires of homeowners met when designing fun, challenging courses.
  • At America’s more than 16,000 golf courses, more space is reserved for water bodies than tees and greens combined. 

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ASGCA Background

Founded in 1946 by 14 leading architects, the American Society of Golf Course Architects is a non-profit organization comprised of experienced golf course designers located throughout the United States and Canada. Members have completed a rigorous two-year long application process that includes the peer review of four representative golf courses. ASGCA members are experienced golf course architects, able to counsel in all aspects of golf course design and remodeling and comprise many of the great talents throughout the golf industry.

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