Ryan Aylesworth, President & CEO of Audubon International, attended the recent ASCGA Annual Meeting at Reynolds Plantation in Greesboro, Ga. “It was a great honor to be invited to speak about the environmental education and certification programs that Audubon International has been delivering on golf courses for over two decades.”

Aylesworth posted his thoughts following the meeting to the AI blog. Among his comments:

“The ASGCA Annual Meeting is the seminal event for interaction, innovation and education relating to golf course architecture and design in the U.S. Attending the meeting enabled me to speak with a wide range of golf course architects and designers…about the benefits of registering planned new and redesigned golf courses in the Audubon Signature and Classic Programs.

“The ASGCA is also fortunate to have very capable leadership in the form of Bob Cupp (outgoing president), Rick Robbins (incoming president) and other officers. ASCGA staff, leadership and members understand the importance of sustainable natural resource management, and Audubon International looks forward to partnering on a wide range of fronts in the near future to advance goals of mutual interest.”

The complete blogpost from Ryan Aylesworth can be found here.