In a Wall Street Journal article, writer John Paul Newport shares the results of a recent report that reveals why women may be turned off by the game of golf.

According to a report from the National Golf Course Owners Association, there is a disconnect between what golf facilities perceive is important to women and what actually is. The study says that course operators often underestimate the significance to women of speed of play; length of holes; having adequate drinking water and clean bathrooms on the course; posting clear directional signage and tee markers; and stocking the pro shop with women’s merchandise sections.

Newport also references a 2005 study, which found that while both men and women value the game mostly as a relaxing leisure pursuit, men build their socializing around the game itself. For women, the game functions in more of an adjunct role: as a catalyst for a pleasant outing, as a fun thing to do while hanging out with friends.

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