In the fourth edition of “By Design” Magazine, an electronic magazine focusing on the development of better and more sustainable golf facilities, author Adam Lawrence writes about the variety of skills golf course architects need to be successful in their industry.

Architects have had to become masters of more than one trade to survive in the business, possessing education and training in disciplines as diverse as engineering, landscape design, and environmental design. Due to their place at the center of a project team, architects are well-placed to act as clients’ eyes and ears, spotting potential problems and opportunities as they arise.

Additionally, course audits by architects are proving to be crucial in helping course owners understand how they can reduce costs by cutting down on water usage, altering the presentation of hazards, and even reducing the amount of turfgrass a course needs to maintain.

“Our value has always been something in addition to design; it’s our full service in bringing the project together,” says Jeff Brauer, ASGCA. “A golf course architect can provide a well thought out technical solution for the vision.”

With the sustainability of golf high on the priority list of everyone within the industry, the wide-ranging skillset of golf architects in this regard can be of great help.

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