Golfers are certain to enjoy the updates provided to Legion Memorial Golf Course in Everett, Washington, from Todd Schoeder, ASGCA (Icon Golf Studio). And thanks to Schoeder’s design work aiding the city’s floodwater detention project, the neighborhood surrounding the course will be a big winner, as well.

Herald.Net in Everett reports the nearly $4 million project, “called for a pond to be added between holes 4 and 5, while existing ponds near the greens on 3 and 5 are being enlarged. In the event of major rainstorms, the water the sewer system is unable to handle will be diverted to those ponds, where they will detain the water until the sewer system drains, at which point the water will be released back into the sewer system. A filtration system is being installed to ensure a measure of water quality is maintained when the excess water flows into the ponds.

“The pond addition and enlargements will substantially add to the amount of water hazards on the course. The course will be slightly shortened from 6,900 yards to 6,637 yards and par will be reduced permanently from 72 to 71.

“’It’s going to be a very challenging course, and a pretty course in that area,” said Legion General Manager Rex Fullerton, who added that progress on the renovation is going well. “I think golfers will find it very enjoyable. We’ve only seen it on paper so far, but it’s going to bring water into play on two holes greenside, and on one hole there will be water where bunkers used to be. The back nine is going to keep your attention, it will be like our own Amen Corner.”

The complete article can be seen here.